bayspar.predict_seatemp(tex, lat, lon, prior_std, temptype, prior_mean=None, nens=5000)

Predict sea temperature with TEX86

tex : ndarray

n-length array of TEX86 observations from a single location.

lat : float

Site latitude from -90 to 90.

lon : float

Site longitude from -180 to 180.

prior_std : float

Prior standard deviation for sea temperature (°C).

temptype : str

Type of sea temperature desired. Either ‘sst’ for sea-surface or ‘subt’.

prior_mean : float or None, optional

Prior mean for sea temperature (°C). If ‘None’, the prior mean is found by searching for a “close” value in observed sea temperature records.

nens : int

Size of MCMC ensemble draws to use for calculation.

output : Prediction